Tuesday, September 24, 2013

7th Annual Peace Day Celebration: Sept 22nd

John Etheridge sang a song and played his guitar

Father Charles LeBlanc from St. Joseph's Catholic Church recited a prayer

Paster Riley Prather from Green Valley Crossing church said some poignant words on Peace Building

Mehmet Yaramis represented the Muslim Community

A student from the Putnam Science Academy played a traditional Turkish instrument

Some of the Peace Day crew

The Putnam Science Academy presented everyone with Peace Day T-shirts that they created

Last Sunday we had a marvelous and heartfelt ceremony to commemorate International Peace Day in Rotary Park. Representatives from various faith communities came together under the banner of lasting peace to share each traditions ideas of Peace making. It was a beautiful Sunday and everyone shared this poignant reminder that Peace is a universal idea that transcends religions, cultures and traditions. The Greater Putnam Interfaith Council would like to thank all those involved and those who came to participate in our Annual event.

An article in the Norwich Bulletin describes it here.


  1. The 2013 International Day Of Peace Day in Rotary Park 2013 was as wonderful as described ! It's truly an honor to work w/ so many giving talented people.

  2. Oops, & as Columbo used to say, "just one more thing"- I would like to invite the guests of the GPIC blog to visit our Peace Garden, u* can find us at http://thepeacegarden.blogspot.com/2013/09/a-heartfelt-inspiring-afternoon.html or just go to [thepeacegarden.blogspot.com]. It will be wonderful to have u* as a guest !